Saturday, October 07, 2006

DIY - Build Your Own Enclosed Trailer

Recently we started traveling to local swaps and shows to do on-site embroidery for hats and T-Shirts. The first show we attended, we found that we needed to take both of our cars because we couldn't fit everything into one. Not only was this not practical but it was expensive with gas for two cars and often having to make two trips to set up for the show the night before.

So what was the answer? A small covered or enclosed trailer to haul our gear and supplies around. We were looking for a fairly small enclosed trailer as we planned to pull it with my wife's Dodge Stratus and it couldn't have a lot of tongue weight and needed to be very light. We were looking for a trailer between 4 x 4 & 4 x 6. I started pricing other enclosed trailers and the smallest one we could find was 4 x 5 and sold for $1500. Not bad as covered trailers go but more than I wanted to pay.

That's when I decided to try and build one. I have a bad habit of being cheap and figured I could build something for much less. The search was on for a small trailer that we could enclose ourselves. We finally found what we were looking for at Harbor Freight and it was a 4 x 4 utility trailer that weighed in at less than 100 lbs. Perfect. Now all we had to do was find a way to enclose it to protect our gear as we traveled to different shows around the area. Read the rest of this how-to article here at

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